About us

British-Icelandic Chamber of Commerce (BICC)

The objective of the Chamber is to promote and maintain commercial links between Britain and Iceland.

In accordance with the Chamber’s objective it:

Organizes meetings and conferences concerning commercial matters between the two countries.

Organizes visits by parties within the business community of either State.

Guards the commercial interest of its members in respect of British and Icelandic authorities.

Renders direct services as decided by the Executive Committee, i.e. providing information about business contacts, assisting in establishing links between companies and distributing information relating to commerce in the two countries.


The Board 

William Symington, Anacrusis Consulting Ldt - Chairman

UK South Chapter Committee

Danielle Neben, Living Lab Iceland
Guðmundur Oddsson, LOGOS Legal Services Limited
Isaac Kato, Verne Global 
Þorsteinn Guðjónsson, Icelandair

UK North Chapter Committee

David Robinson 
Mike Lane, Eimskip
Philip Hall, Hull City Council
Simon Dwyer, Seafront
Steve Norton, Grimsby FMA

Iceland Committee

Auður Björk Guðmundsdóttir, VÍS
Árni Þór Þorbjörnsson, Landsbankinn
Bragi Þór Marinósson, Eimskip
Brynjólfur Helgason, CasmirCreation sf
Dagmar Þorsteinsdóttir; HBH
Lárus S. Ásgeirsson, Almarai
Magnea Hjálmarsdóttir, Icelandair Hotels