Doing Business in the UK

On 25th April at The Grand Hotel Reykjavik a capacity audience came to hear a series of presentations on Doing Business in the UK. The event was specifically designed to attract new members with the announcement of a reduced membership fee (for a limited period only) and the launch of an enhanced service package, including a phone/email Helpline and training workshops for achieving success in the British market. Expertly chaired by BICC Board member Dagmar Þorsteinsdottir, the morning included contributions from Mark Dodsworth of Europartnerships, Andri Marteinsson from Promote Iceland, Daniel Parry from Goodwille/Enlink and Benedikt Egill Arnason from Logos, ending with informative and at times amusing personal experiences from three ‘old hands’: Vilborg Einarsdóttir of InfoMentor, Eirikur Þór Eiríksson of Securstore and Georg Aspelund of GeoGlobe. After the presentations, participants were able to spend some quality time in individual meetings with a BICC ‘Panel of Experts’, drawn from both countries. Feedback from those that took part was very positive, a number of membership applications were received and bookings taken for the training workshops by the end of the morning. The Chamber would like to take this opportunity to thank the speakers and panellists for their support and willingness to share their expertise.