English singer Brian Ferry at Reykjavik Arts Festival

Brian Ferry will perform at Harpa, the newly built concert hall, during the Reykjavik Arts Festival. Initially, only one concert was planned on May 27. But it was sold out within hours and therefore a second one was arranged for the following day. Few tickets are still available, with prizes ranging from 6,990 kr. to 16,990 kr.  Ferry’s gigs during the Arts Festival will be his first concerts in 2012 after he finished his Olympia tour last year. The Reykjavik Arts Festival is held every year in May. According to the official homepage it is “one of Northern Europe's oldest and most respected arts festivals”. The Festival wants to promote Icelandic but also international culture and therefore offers a wide range of theatre plays, concerts, exhibitions and dance. This year around 500 artists will participate in the Festival from May 18 to June 3.