Working group established for marine cable


Working group established for marine cable 

Prime Ministers of Iceland and Britain have decided to put together a group to look at the construction of an underground energy cable between the two countries. 

It is clear that there is considerable interest in a marine cable between Iceland and Britain in Britain, said Prime Minister Sigmundur Davíð Gunnlaugsson after his meeting with David Cameron, Prime Minister of Britain, yesterday. Cameron visited Iceland along with a few other Prime Ministers for the Northern Future Forum in Reykjavik. “There is nothing wrong with looking at things, but no decision has been made,” Gunnlaugsson said. He does have reservations about a cable increasing the energy price Icelandic homes pay.

The Prime Ministers have announced that they will create a working group that will look at the possibility of an underground cable between the two countries. The group has been named the Energy Task Force and is supposed to publish its results in six months time. The group will look at some practical matters as well as the possible price of laying a cable and the amount of energy it would be able to transfer.

Cameron has said that Icelanders would benefit from the cable seeing as there is enough renewable energy in the country.

Business man and economist Heiðar Guðjónsson said yesterday that the British might be prepared to fund the building of such a cable, minimising the risk for Iceland. There then would be no need to be afraid of the investment risks. “As Cameron has said before they desperately need this possibility. They would possibly be prepared to fund it and pay for it and be like any other renter, just like the aluminium plants or anyone else. They would pay for the cable and be a customer like other large power users.”


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